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Weekly genetics review: Black Taurindicus having an impact in the north

This week’s genetics review is the second part of our two-part series, looking at the impact that black-coated breeds are having across the beef industry. Last week’s column looked at the state of play in southern Australia, while this week the focus is on the north….


Buyers provide solid endorsement for UltraBlack ‘adapted Angus’

The first Australian seedstock sale carrying any significant numbers of UltraBlack ‘tropically adapted Angus’ has produced a result well above pre-sale expectations, with PTIC registered heifers averaging better than $1760 at auction on Friday.

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What is an Ultrablack

Peter Hughes on Ultrablack Bulls

Genetics: Pastoral companies leading the charge in genetic selection for weaning rate performance

By Beef Central, 26 September 2015

Genetics is the key to long-term weaning rate improvement in the north, beef genetics consultant Don Nicol from Breedlink, argues. “It will be the cheapest means of weaning rate improvement, with long-term pay offs to users,” he says.

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Testimonial from Paraguayan Beef Breeding Consultant

After his visit to Nindooinbah after Rocky Beef Week in May – his second consecutive Beef Week, Paraguayan-based consultant Federico Maisonnave wrote to Nindooinbah manager Nick Cameron about his second visit to the herd in 3 years.

“It’s been 3 years since I came for the first time to Nindooinbah. I was recommended to contact Nick and Don (Nicol) by an AI company rep and got interested immediately in their Ultrablack program. I am familiar with Ultrablacks having seen the birth of the breed in USA some years ago in the herd of my now client, Cow Creek Ranch.

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Bulls from Nindooinbah "the hope" of Mt Welcome in WA Pilbara Region

Nick went to visit some Nindooinbah clients in the WA Pilbara region and was pleased with what he saw. Clients are happy also. Read the story here. There is an audio link in this article, click on it to hear the interview with Dave talking about Mt Welcome's new bulls that have just arrived from Nindooinbah.

Nindooinbah UltraBlack on Landline

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