Nindooinbah House Road Beaudesert QLD 4285

Australian genetics could soon be helping to improve the Colombian beef cattle herd following a major trade tour of Central and Southern Queensland in the past week.

When Australian producers think of the vast cattle herds of South America, countries such as Brazil with 212 million cattle, Argentina (48m cattle), Paraguay (15m) and Uruguay (11m) and Chile (3m) typically come to mind.

However one that should be on the radar if it is not already is Colombia, which runs 23.5 million cattle, the third largest cattle herd in South America.

Colombia covers just over one million square kilometres of tropical grasslands straddling the equator on South America’s north-western coast. Its land area is equivalent to just 14 percent of Australia’s landmass but its herd is not far in size behind Australia’st 28 million cattle.

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