Nindooinbah House Road Beaudesert QLD 4285
On Property Sale 17th October

Brand-new Brangus Bloodlines

Friday’s sale offers Nindooinbah’s best line up of Brangus sale bulls to date. This year’s offering of 19 bulls provides Brangus breeders with some exciting new bloodlines to introduce into their breeding programmes and make an immediate impact.

The 37.5% Brangus draft offers 6 thickset, clean-sheathed sons of leading US outcross Brangus sire, TCB Catawba Warrior R532, the most-used AI sire in US Brangus herds in recent years. Warrior R532 is a sire that ‘bends the growth curve’ with low birthweightbut explosive growth through to Jap Ox weights.

Discerning Brangus buyers should not miss feature Lot 32, an outstanding bull from a US-import embryo by Suhn’s Alydar 416N3 out of the KW Tracker 92055 donor cow. Considered one of the most powerful calves born at Nindooinbah this bull bears careful scrutiny by buyers. He was used in the Nindooinbah herd last year and a limited quantity of semen has been retained on this important bull. With a 600-Day EBV of +27, an impressive Scrotal Size EBV of +2.0, this bull is a standout.

The other exciting imported embryo calves in this draft include Lot 40 by GR Swift 209W3, a Lambert son, is out of a leading US embryo donor. Lot 45 by Stonewall of RRR 222W6 is another US embryo calf to take note of offering new blood to the Brangus breed. US embryo calf Lot 33 offers the combination Patton of Brinks and Burtons Miss Geronimo 535K2.

Outstanding Angus offering

The sale features 12 Angus bulls by Te Mania Emperor E343, the Australian Angus record price bull at $91,000; New Zealand sires Storth Oaks D21& Te Mania Infinity and upcoming Australian sire Dunoon Evident. The offering includes 2.5 year old bulls that have been used at Nindooinbah plus 20 month old bulls. All bulls are out of breed-leading females purchased from Lawsons Angus at the outset of the Nindooinbah breeding program.

As usual the Nindooinbah Angus bulls are packed full of carcase traits. When you consider the Long Fed $Index that benchmarks the breed and takes into consideration calving ease, growth and carcase quality; it puts the average Index of $130 for the Nindooinbah Angus draft in the top 6% of the breed and Lots 1, 4 and 8 by Te Mania Emperor E343 in the top 1% of the breed. This section of the sale offers buyers the opportunity buy top tier, performance-recorded, registered Angus bulls at competitive prices.

A great team of Ultrablacks

The next section of the sale offers 19 Ultrablack bulls showing the advancement of where the Ultrablack breeding program is going at Nindooinbah. The polled, black Ultrablack bull is making its mark on crossbreeding in the Australian beef breeding scene with these Nindooinbah-bred polled, black bulls with 81.25% Angus genes and 18.75% Brahman genes carrying out success with their progeny from regional Victoria to the Barkly Tablelands.

The 19 offered here are by marbling trait leader US Brangus sire Lambert of Brinks and leading Nindooinbah-bred son of Lambert, Nindooinbah F763. Other leading US Brangus sires used in the Ultrablack program and represented in the sale include CRC Guardian, Csonka and Singletary – all top US Brangus sires. The dams are all Lawsons performance-recorded Angus females or Nindooinbah bred Ultrablack females.

Stud Transfer

All 3/8 content Brangus are eligible for stud transfer with the Australian Brangus Association and all HBR Angus can be stud transferred in Angus Australia.


  1. Ultrablacks are bred using a combination of Black Angus and black Brangus
  2. The parents on both sides must be registered are registered and performance- recorded with their relevant breed societies.
  3. The Brangus component must be a multi-generation 3/8 Bos Indicus : 5/8 Angus animal.
  4. Ultrablacks therefore are 3/16 Bos indicus, 13/16 Angus OR put another way; 18.75% Bos indicus and 81.25% Angus.
  5. Ultrablacks are black and polled
  6. Stud Ultrablacks must be performance- recoded including scanning by an accredited scanning technician and recorded with the Angus Multibreed Register.
  7. To maintain Ultrablack status multi- generational Ultrablacks must be mated to Ultrablacks.