Nindooinbah House Road Beaudesert QLD 4285
The Maize Crops in the Pit!

It was touch and go with the weather but the corn silage is in the pit at Nindooinbah and there’s smiles all round. The crop was grown with very little in-crop rain, just about all overhead irrigation. Apart from the genetics, nutrition is a key factor at Nindooinbah. This isn’t feed to ‘fatten the stud cattle’, but supplementary feed to ensure that every ET donor or recipient is in an excellent nutritional status to ensure the highest fertility and maize silage is the key ingredient.

The variety was 1813 IT and the Lightning herbicide did a great knock down job in weed control 5136 tonnes harvested at 58% moisture giving a total of 2157t dry matter which equated to app.60t per hectare. Soyabeans were direct drilled directly behind the chopper, all planted before the big wet. Congrats to Ian Connell for a wonderful job in growing the crop.