Nindooinbah House Road, Beaudesert QLD 4285

The Nindooinbah Ultrablack and Brangus Breeding Programme

Designer Genes

Carefully designed breeding using combinations of Angus, Brangus and Brahman genetics is a feature of the Nindooinbah programme.

The Angus and UltraBlack programme is based on a purchased base of 650 high genetic merit, registered black Angus cows purchased from Lawson Angus. These cows are then mated using semen from leading Angus sires or 30 of the highest carcase-merit Brangus sires in USA to produce UltraBlacks.

Our registered black, polled Brangus stud was built on imported 3/8 content Brangus genetics from US embryos plus semen from important performance-recorded US 3/8 content Brangus sires.

New Brangus Bloodlines

To develop new lines of polled Brangus, and take advantage of the powerful Angus female genetics we own, polled and high fertility Brahman semen sires have also been used over selected Angus cows to develop new lines of Brangus. The major percentage of these new bloodlines is by embryo transfer (ET).

Genetic Improvement & ET

Continuous genetic improvement at Nindooinbah is driven by the careful selection of a few, outstanding females with multi-trait excellence mated to the best sires available that meet the programme’s breeding objectives.
The effect of this intense selection and continuous culling is then multiplied into bigger numbers by using a high percentage of ET that also turns the generations over faster, significantly adding to genetic improvement.

Performance Predictability

All Nindooinbah cattle are performance-recorded from birth to Mature Cow weight for females, scanned using an accredited ultrasound technician and using DNA tests where applicable to refine selection of yearling bull and heifer replacements.

Bull & Heifer Sales

Nindooinbah will provide performance –recorded Angus, UltraBlacks and Brangus, Angus-Brahman designed bulls and heifers of varying percentages at production sales or to their client’s specifications on contract.

Cow Sales

With the fast generation turnover of females at Nindooinbah there are regular herd reduction sales of cows who have left many ET progeny in the herd. It is possible to take advantage of these sales to buy into some top genetics from cows with many years of production ahead of them.

Multi-Breed Genetic Evaluation

Genetic evaluation through the Angus Australia Multi-breed register allows for direct EBV comparisons of all animals sold from the various genotypes so that buyers can select the best bull for their particular requirements. Stud Brangus animals are also performance recorded through Brangus BREEDPLAN.

Constant Improvement & Innovation

At Nindooinbah we believe there are always a way of doing things better than before and are constantly striving towards world’s best practice in everything we do in our reproductive programs and with the genetic improvement of our cattle.