Nindooinbah House Road, Beaudesert QLD 4285

Robert Persse Era

The main bedroom was always reserved for her. Mr and Mrs Persse used the adjoining bedroom and Margaret used the nursery bedroom with Miss Lucy Morgan, her nurse/ governess in the adjoining room.

Beryl Persse was keenly interested in the garden. Photographs from this era show opium poppies in the main heart-shaped garden on the eastern side.

A pecan tree was located in the lawned area long before such trees became fashionable.

The Nindooinbah airfield was used by the military during the War. From about May 1943, a large camp of United States and Australian service personnel was based at Tabragalba, conveniently close to the main jungle warfare training centre at Canungra.

Camp Tabragalba, also known as Camp X, was developed as a training base for highly secret forces engaged in covert operations in New Guinea and the Pacific.

Groups training at Tabragalba included the coast watchers, Z Force and M Force.

Filipinos, New Guinea and Indonesian covert operatives were brought to Tabragalba for training which included parachute training using the Nindooinbah airstrip.